AKSaraHaq copy 2Welcome to my website. I’m Alex Klaushofer, a highly experienced private English tutor. I specialise in teaching GCSE and A-level English and literature to international students at comparable levels. I also provide tailored  support for adults wanting to develop their writing skills for academic, business or creative purposes.

My qualifications include an English degree from Oxford and a PhD; I’m also a published  author. But most importantly, I have an excellent track record of helping my students get results.

After many years in south London, I am now based in Lisbon where I teach online, so these days I’m more the ‘London to Lisbon tutor’!

If you think I might be the right tutor for you or your child, please take a moment to look around. You’ll find more details about my background and tutoring approach here and testimonials from former students here. Details of how to book tuition can be found here  but in most cases I meet prospective students online before beginning tuition.